Manage software quality for a competitive edge

You can achieve effective management and high customer satisfaction even in a fast-deployment environment

Paper Length: 12 pages

Fast deployment of successful applications means big competitive advantages and improved customer satisfaction. So how can you meet your customers’ needs without sacrificing your business needs?

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • Which 2 major risks you take by relying on traditional quality management techniques
  • Why 40% of software defects are found in the development process
  • Why AT&T wastes $1 million every month patching existing software
  • How to solve these problems with efficient and effective management

Discover how you can revolutionize quality management and improve your bottom line.

In an “on-demand” marketplace, time-to-market is critical, often forcing a compression in software release cycles. To be responsive, many forward-thinking organizations are proactively addressing the risks associated with traditional quality management practices, balanced against the rewards of implementing more strategic ways of managing software quality. One example is the center of excellence (CoE) model, which is becoming a way to elevate standardized quality management and quality optimization best practices throughout the organization. The CoE—an internal organization dedicated to optimizing application quality—manages and centralizes toolsets, best practices, expertise and provides leadership for quality processes.

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