The challenge of unavailable apps

How many users can your app handle?

Paper Length: 7 pages

You already know what your traffic load is like. But do you know how many users your app can handle? With proper testing, your app can be prepared for large loads so it doesn’t crash with heavy use.

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • The most common reasons your applications failed
  • Why you should only have to pay for testing data you actually used
  • Why cloud testing is so much more accurate than traditional testing
  • How to control testing costs to fit your budget

By testing performance with cloud strategies, you get more security, capability, and functionality. You’ll be prepared for any load that comes your way.

It is imperative that the applications that your customers rely on perform as expected. That requires effective performance testing. But as the costs and complexity of managing these tests rise, you should investigate more cost-effective and powerful alternatives. Cloud-based performance testing provides the answer. You can quickly scale to even the largest peak loads—all while paying just for what you use when you use it.

This technology helps you harness the power of cloud-based infrastructures while insulating you from the complexities of managing cloud resources. Now, it is easy to configure, launch, and manage cloud-based virtual users with the same technology and vendor that you trust.

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