Ensure that mobile apps work exactly as advertised with automated testing

The smartphone boom: How it’s putting your reputation at stake and what you can do to protect it

Paper Length: 4 pages

As the online landscape gets more competitive, organizations feel more pressure to deliver functional, predictable products to their customers. But how can you ensure website and app reliability when consumers are using so many different browsers and devices?

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • Why mobile devices account for at least 55% of web usage—and why that number is growing
  • How experts predict that mobile apps will generate $77 billion by 2017
  • What this means for your current testing strategy
  • How you can adapt testing to keep (and grow) your share of the rapidly changing market

Discover how an integrated, automated testing approach can ensure that your apps work exactly as advertised.

If testers do not capture all configurations of all browsers, they risk their applications going live with poor quality performance and bugs, which can ultimately cause damage to an organization’s reputation, especially within the finance industry. Needless to say, damage to any company’s reputation and the associated costs of fixing faulty applications that have gone live can be an extremely costly business. Plus manual testing in itself takes up a great deal of valuable time, resources and budget.

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