Scale up as your dev team grows

Does your team know how to test most efficiently?

Paper Length: 7 pages

When your team develops new software, branching and merging can quickly become complex. As more contributors become involved, the challenge grows.

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • Why processes break down as software development efforts scale up
  • How to avoid the “dark side” of continuous integration
  • How to weigh the pros and cons of different integration patterns
  • How to perfect positive integration patterns

Learn how continuous integration can effectively enable flexible software development.

The real question is, what is a good way to structure this integration so that it will scale smoothly as you add more people to the equation? A good starting place is to look around for a pattern to follow. What are some similar situations? Everything your organization needs to do in order to produce the best possible development organization can be entirely derived from the patterns and practices at the individual level. This approach makes it much easier to understand, and more will likely follow it.

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