Information Archiving for Dummies

Have you wondered what information archiving is, and how it can help your business survive and thrive against the competition? You’ve come to the right place.

This FREE eBook explains how information archiving has evolved from simply archiving email messages, to monitoring and capturing business communication like text messages and social media.

You will also discover how information archiving can be used, along with machine learning, to make future predictions based on data collected in the past to be proactive and gain a competitive advantage.

This book includes:
  • The evolution of information archiving
  • Key challenges and compliance issues that keep you up at night
  • Business cases showing how Information archiving solved these issues
  • The how and why of information archiving
  • How to add intelligence to your data
  • Ten questions about data archiving
Information Archiving for Dummies


Information Archiving for Dummies

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