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Community Webinar Series

Community Webinar Series

Our Community Webinars show you how Micro Focus products interact with the latest tech and business trends.

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DevOps Drive-in

DevOps Drive-in

DevOps Drive-In Webcasts features guest speakers who are experts in the DevOps field. Sign up for the next webcast or watch previous webcasts now.

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27 June 2017
Milan, IT
5 July 2017
Manchester, UK
10-12 July 2017
New York, NY
27 July 2017
6-11 Aug 2017
Providence, RI
31 Aug 2017
Copenhagen, Denmark
6-7 Sep 2017
Marstrand, Sweden
19-20 Sep 2017
Berlin, Germany
20 Sep 2017
Helsinki, Finland
21 Sep 2017
Gothenburg, Sweden
21 Sep 2017
25-29 Sep 2017
Orlando, Florida
28 Sep 2017
Odense, Denmark
10 Oct 2017
Almere, Netherlands
1-5 Oct 2017
Orlando, Florida
27 Nov-1 Dec 2017
Las Vegas, Nevada
6 Dec 2017
Amsterdam, Netherlands