Don’t underestimate the importance of proper eDiscovery.

Failure to manage eDiscovery properly can result in serious ramifications for your organization. Because eDiscovery is among the primary drivers for the deployment of archiving systems, you need to ensure that you can easily and effectively perform eDiscovery of your archived data.

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Discovery is an essential element of any organization’s information management strategy because of the significant implications that can result from poor eDiscovery. This is a reality that has not been lost on organizational decision makers—as shown in the following figure, the ability to perform eDiscovery on email is nearly as important as the ability to satisfy regulatory data retention obligations and the ability to manage email storage more effectively. Moreover, the ability to perform eDiscovery on other content types, such as social media (whether public tools like Facebook or Twitter, or enterprise focused) and files, is also viewed as highly important by a significant proportion of organizational decision makers.

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Why eDiscovery Should be a Top Priority for Your Organization

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Why eDiscovery Should be a Top Priority for Your Organization

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