How much does poor security really cost you?

During the last 12 months, 74% of organizations have reported being infected with malware by their end-users surfing the web. Because of this, decision makers today are investing in increasing security for email, web, and social media in order to avoid falling victim to malware, viruses, and a variety of other online threats.

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The reality for security today is that many organizations have emphasized product effectiveness criteria over simplicity. The majority has adopted multiple best-of-breed security solutions to ensure high levels of effectiveness, but this approach is not without its problems. Decision makers indicate a preference for reducing the internal complexity and overhead required when managing best-of-breed solutions, and would prefer to see an increased use of single-vendor or cloud-sourced approaches. The perceived incremental effectiveness of best-of-breed approaches is mitigating a wholesale migration to single-vendor, integrated solutions.

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Best Practices in Email, Web and Social Media Security

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Best Practices in Email, Web and Social Media Security

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