A decision maker’s guide to planning a successful email archiving strategy.

The decision to archive your company’s email may vary from organization to organization. But regardless of the reason to archive your email, every decision maker should consider the five critical drivers outlined in this white paper in order to plan and execute a successful archiving strategy.

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There are a variety of reasons that organizations should archive their email, although the specific reasons to do so—and their relative importance—will sometimes vary significantly from one organization to the next based on a number of factors. These factors include the regulatory environment in which an organization operates, the legal risks an organization faces, the overall level of risk that senior decision makers are willing to accept, the willingness of IT to implement user-focused capabilities for recovering email, etc. That said, there are five primary drivers that decision makers should consider as they plan their archiving strategy, as discussed below.

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Best Practices for Managing Email Archiving

White Paper

Best Practices for Managing Email Archiving

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