Don’t fall behind by ignoring cloud considerations.

The cloud is an important consideration for any organization. You can manage email, filter malware, block spam, conduct real-time communications, archive data, encrypt data, and many other services in the cloud. Unfortunately, not all cloud providers are equal, and some don’t offer service for these necessary business functions.

The goal of this white paper is to offer an overview of the important considerations that senior business management and IT management should think about as they decide whether or not to migrate some or all of their messaging and collaboration capabilities to the cloud.

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  • The benefits and risks of migrating to cloud-based services
  • Important factors in cost of ownership
  • The importance of understanding your organization’s core competencies
  • Whether to migrate some or all of your messaging and collaboration capabilities
  • Best practices for IT and business management
  • Why not all cloud providers are created equal

Among the more important issues that any organization should consider is that of the opportunity cost of IT staff members or, in smaller organizations, individuals who are charged with maintaining on-premise systems. Most decision makers understand that finding and retaining qualified IT staff is not particularly easy. As a result, in-house IT staff members should be used in a manner that allows them to provide maximum benefit to their employer, while also giving them a satisfying work experience that will motivate them not to go elsewhere. Using cloud-based services frees IT staff members from the requirement to constantly monitor the servers to ensure continuous uptime, freeing them for work that is not only more interesting to them, but also more compelling for the business.

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Best Practices for Messaging, Collaboration, Security, Archiving and Encryption in the Cloud

White Paper

Best Practices for Messaging, Collaboration, Security, Archiving and Encryption in the Cloud

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