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Migrating your existing email system is a major decision for every organization. Learn why Office 365 might be right for you and get the research you need to accurately plan the move.

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Over the past decade, Microsoft has built out its cloud services using software that was originally designed for on-premises situations. Microsoft BPOS was built on the 2007 wave of on-premises tools (Exchange, SharePoint, Office Communications Server), and the first version of Office 365 was built on the 2010 wave. Significantly, these on-premises servers had been re-architected to scale for cloud-based requirements. Sometime after Office 365 was upgraded to the 2013 versions of Microsoft tools and Microsoft’s cloud-first strategy took hold, the positions swapped. Office 365 now offers more advanced capabilities than what is available for on-premises customers, meaning that organizations wanting to build an on-premises environment get a roll-up of recent changes to the Office 365 variants at a particular point in time. Office 365 leads the functionality race in many areas.

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Critical Decisions When Migrating to Office 365

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Critical Decisions When Migrating to Office 365

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