When lawsuits and storage costs get high, archiving’s got your back.

Every day, more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created. When you have that much data to sort through, eDiscovery becomes a lifesaver. By archiving business communication data you make utilizing eDiscovery easier. Your legal team can not only find important information quickly, but you can also manage your storage needs.

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  • How to avoid FRCP lawsuits and litigations with better archiving and data management
  • What you need to do to cut down your eDiscovery process time

Traditional eDiscovery relies on linear document review–the process of manually reviewing and coding potentially relevant and privileged content. While this process works well for relatively small data sets, the review of large data sets makes linear document review inefficient and time-consuming. Moreover, it contributes significantly to the growing cost of eDiscovery because of both the multiple reviews of the same content that often must take place, as well as the production of content that ultimately will not be useful. Underscoring the enormous cost associated with reviewing documents during eDiscovery are the findings of a Rand analysis that found the review phase of eDiscovery accounts for 73% of the costs of producing electronic documents.

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Key Issues in eDiscovery

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Key Issues in eDiscovery

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