How to better meet your Office 365 archiving needs.

Your Office 365 system lacks the capabilities to meet all your archiving needs. This is where third-party email archiving solutions can help address unique archiving needs.

This white paper examines why companies have adopted email archiving solutions in the past, and compare those requirements to the archiving capabilities currently offered by Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud-based office productivity suite.

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  • How requirements for email archiving are becoming more complex and continue to change
  • The risks and costs associated with inadequate email archiving capabilities
  • How Office 365 search limitations pose additional risks and costs not found with more powerful third-party archiving solutions
  • How Office 365 email archiving capability provides many basic archiving capabilities, but does not meet additional requirements
  • Why third-party email archiving solutions have designed their solutions to meet the most stringent and complex email archiving requirements

Discover what third-party archiving solutions can do for your Office 365 system.


The bottom line is third-party email archiving vendors are in the business of addressing a very specific set of user requirements. The above checklist points out those areas of email archiving that most organizations will want/need to insure are met. Those requirements include archive immutability, granular retention/disposition, offline access, mobile access, and a more powerful litigation hold/eDiscovery feature set.

Office 365 is a great cloud-based suite of office productivity capabilities, but was not designed as a complete compliance or eDiscovery archiving solution.

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The Need for Third-Party Archiving in Office 365

White Paper

The Need for Third-Party Archiving in Office 365

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