Maintain security while increasing visibility of your social media data.

Research shows that 73% of organizations use social media to increase efficiency, speed up the decision process, and share information. However, the increased use of social media comes with several risks and costs.

This white paper discusses a number of best practices to implement to avoid increased costs and risks.

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  • How malicious content can enter an organization through a social media channel
  • How to prevent sensitive or confidential data from being shared through social media
  • Why many organizations don’t or can’t retain relevant business records and information from social media
  • Which solutions you can deploy to eliminate risks from social media usage

There are a number of drivers for the use of consumer-focused social media for work-related purposes, although these drivers vary widely based on the social media platform, the industry in which the organization operates, the extent to which senior managers recognize the value of social media, the overall risk tolerance of the organization, and other factors.

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Best Practices for Social Media Archiving and Security

White Paper

Best Practices for Social Media Archiving and Security

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