Enhance your Exchange email archiving capabilities with third-party solutions.

The native archiving capabilities of Exchange are useful, but are missing important capabilities that many organizations require.

This white paper explores how third-party solutions help fill the gaps between your Exchange system and your organization.

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  • How third-party solutions reduce storage needs and IT costs by allowing end-user access
  • Why you need to archive all electronic communication, not just email
  • How you can improve search, eDiscovery, and exporting functionality through third-party solutions

While the majority of Exchange-enabled users are currently deployed on Exchange 2010, the market is clearly shifting to Exchange 2013, as shown in the following figure. What this indicates is that a) nearly three in five Exchange-enabled users today have available to them the native archiving capabilities built into Exchange, and b) more than 90% of users will have access to these capabilities within two years’ time.

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The Case for Third Party Archiving in Microsoft Exchange Environments

White Paper

The Case for Third Party Archiving in Microsoft Exchange Environments

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