The reasons behind your ESI problems.

Organizations today are struggling with the problem of too much electronic data—or are struggling to govern the content more effectively. The answer? Implementing an information governance program.

This white paper explores the reasons behind the need for an information governance program, as well as fully understanding the costs before and after implementation.

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  • What the main driver and challenges are behind information governance
  • How to calculate an accurate estimate of potential cost savings by implementing an information governance program
  • How to calculate ROI to help guide your stakeholders in the approval process

To get a better handle on this ESI problem, organizations should take a long, hard look at the main problem: a lack of any effective enterprise-wide information governance. After recognizing the main problem, organizations can then take action, such as creating an enterprise-wide information strategy, developing use policies and an information retention schedule, and adopting information management automation. These will enable the organization to systematically find, categorize, manage and defensibly dispose of ESI in a timely, cost-effective manner.

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The True ROI of Information Governance

White Paper

The True ROI of Information Governance

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