As media expands, so should your revenue.

It’s common to archive email data—it saves space and makes it easier to find the information you need. But archiving all business communication like email, social media, and text messages can boost your business's growth by providing hard cost savings that can be easily quantified. This results in a significant return-on-investment and a short payback period.

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Because employees rely on email, social media and other content repositories for their work, it is important for organizations to be able to extract business intelligence from the content that employees generate. Some archiving solutions will enable customers to quickly locate emails 10 or more years old and extract information, such as the identity of users’ email correspondents or reports that they generated. This could prove useful in a number of situations: bringing a new employee up to speed on what his or her predecessor promised clients, helping managers to review what their employees are communicating with others, or performing Big Data analysis on corporate content.

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Using Email, File, Social Media and Mobile Archiving to Grow Your Business

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Using Email, File, Social Media and Mobile Archiving to Grow Your Business

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