Are you prepared to handle the risks of unmanaged social media?

Social media use in the workplace is rising quickly. Studies show that an average employees spend a significant amount of time on social media during work hours. While there are many benefits to using social media, there are also risks—especially if your social media accounts go unmanaged.

This white paper discusses the various risks that organizations face from unmanaged use of social media and how to mitigate these risks. It also discusses the competitive advantages that social media use can offer.

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  • How you can effectively manage and archive social media

A key reason that social media is increasing in popularity, is that it represents a community of like-minded individuals to whom people can turn to both learn and share (or overshare) information. As one marketing consultant noted about Facebook, “It’s one of the very few experiences that almost always delivers on expectations. A Facebook session always includes something that each individual cares about. It’s much more reliable and friendly than most real friends. Facebook reaffirms connections to clan, tribe, class and community. Facebook might just be the antidote to existential loneliness.

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Why all Organizations Need to Manage and Archive Social Media

White Paper

Why all Organizations Need to Manage and Archive Social Media

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