True Enterprise File Sharing and Access


You need to keep your files and systems secure. However, your users may be sharing and storing files on cloud sharing solutions that are not secure and are not managed by your organization.

Micro Focus Filr allows your users to have “follow me” files that go everywhere they go, on every device they want to work from – and your organizations has control and the ability to manage this system. With Filr, you will have the feel of a cloud file sharing solution, but the security and management of an on-premises solution. You will not be exposed to the risk of cloud storage solutions or the cost of redundant data solutions. Users don’t even have to “drop” files into a box or worry about conflicting versions of files on different devices: They can access their files and even share folders, from or on any device. And it’s all stored on servers sitting behind the firewall, so users can access these files from desktops, laptops, and mobile devices…without the vulnerability of accessing these files from a less-secure public-cloud service.

View this on-demand webinar to learn about how to keep your files secure and allow users to have the functionality they want and need.

True Enterprise File Sharing
FY18 Filr Webinar - IBM Sys Mag Pivotal
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