How to Protect Hybrid IT

Data protection is critical to data-driven organizations that are fully dependent on data for operations. The hybrid nature of the environment though makes protecting that much more challenging.

Download this whitepaper and learn exactly what hybrid IT is, what it looks like and why data driven organizations are embracing it. You will also learn about the data protection challenges that IT must overcome as they create a hybrid infrastructure including:

  • IT Fragmentation - Data is stored in physical, virtual and cloud environments 
  • Workload Mobility - The organization wants to create or move workloads to the most cost-effective environment instantly
  • Data Explosion - The explosion is not only coming from users but from IoT and other sensors as well as analytic data from applications
  • Keeping Data Forever - Not only are organizations creating more data than ever they are also retaining that data longer than ever
How to Protect Hybrid IT
How to Protect Hybrid IT
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