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Build secure software fast. Our application security platform automates testing throughout the CI/CD pipeline so developers can quickly resolve issues.

Application Security

Actionable results

Focus on what matters most with low false-positive rates. Find vulnerabilities directly in the developer’s IDE with real-time security analysis or save time with machine learning-powered auditing.

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Getting started

Start an application security initiative in a day. Get a team of experts who deliver optimization, results review, and false positive removal as part of our global 24x7 support. Choose on premises, as a service, or hybrid.

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Developer friendly

Fortify works with your current development tools and processes to enable automation and speed. CI/CD integration makes security scans a part of the build/release process, which enables full automation and workflow support. Defect management integrations provide transparent remediation for security issues.

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Automate and scale

Expand with centralized scanning capabilities that support Mature AppSec Programs running thousands of scans per day. Automate security in the CI/CD pipeline with the tools you already use.

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Peer reviews

"Fast completion of scans with higher result accuracy as compared to competitors, which is critical for DevOps speed in time to market. "
"The support is better than what I have received with other vendors and the quality of the tool gets better every year."
"Highly recommended for holistic application security."
"From the demo to final install for testing, Micro Focus was there even with the tricky weird config we had."
"Very good product, well integrated to our Micro Focus test suite, like ALM and UFT. This make the difference compared to competitors."
"An extremely scalable, flexible, and stable solution that reduces the overall risk and gives us assurance."
"Micro Focus Fortify is one of the best tools for finding vulnerabilities in our developed application."
"Team is always ready to support and even go the extra mile to solve and give us guidance."
"Really good product, and even better, the support."
"It is much more than an App Security Testing tool — it is a transformational aid and generates scorecard data to measure transformational maturity…"
"I have vetted and used most of the major paid tools for SAST and DAST and Fortify continues to be one of the best solutions year over year."
"The solution saves us a lot of money."
"Came for a demo, went home with a great testing platform."

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Integrated results deliver one platform for remediation, reporting, and analytics of open source and custom code.

Automated application security to eliminate vulnerabilities at DevOps speed

Fortify offers end-to-end application security solutions with the flexibility of testing on premises and on demand to scale and cover the entire software development lifecycle.

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