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Voltage Data Privacy and Protection

Voltage solutions discover, analyze, and protect sensitive structured and unstructured data. It reduces breach risk, and enables data usability with privacy across hybrid IT.

Data discovery and insight

Most organizations simply do not know where their data is. Voltage solutions provide feature-rich, flexible data discovery and analysis to deliver data minimization, application retirement, and data lifecycle use cases. Voltage File Analysis Suite (FAS) is a completely SaaS-based content analysis solution providing discovery, tagging, and context-aware analytics across unstructured repositories. Structured Data Manager (SDM) discovers sensitive data in on-premises, cloud, or hybrid systems and classifies data for disposition.

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Data protection

Privacy regulations such as the CCPA and GDPR recommend encryption and pseudonymization as techniques to protect personal data. Voltage encryption, tokenization, and hashing techniques retain meaning, context, and relationships in protected data, while dramatically reducing the risk of data breach and non-compliance with regulations. Voltage enables files, email, applications, data, and data stores to interoperate with end-to-end protection across the data lifecycle.

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Data minimization

Failure to proactively manage information bloat leads to unnecessarily high data storage costs, increased compliance risks, and untapped potential in leveraging data for improved business performance. Voltage enables enterprises to gain control of application data, reduce risk through defensible deletion of data and application retirement, and reduce the total cost of ownership of applications infrastructure.

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Voltage SecureData Enterprise

Secure personal and high-value data wherever it flows: on-premises, in the cloud, and in big data analytics. Encrypt, tokenize, and anonymize data to enable privacy with maximum data utility and usability.


Voltage Structured Data Manager

Discover and protect sensitive data, preserve its business value, and control database growth. Automate data masking, encryption, and tokenization across applications, databases, and data warehouses—from mainframe to serverless compute.


Voltage File Analysis Suite

Discover and classify unstructured data through AI- powered analytics. Highly scalable SaaS file analysis provides data discovery, tagging, context-aware analytics, and collaboration across unstructured repositories and file shares such as Exchange, Office365, Teams/SharePoint Online, cloud stores, and more.


Voltage SmartCipher

Simplify unstructured data security with persistent file encryption, complete control, and visibility. Embed files with access and use controls with remote policy enforcement.


Voltage SecureMail

Ensure privacy compliance with a best-of-breed email encryption security solution.


Voltage SecureData Payments

Enable PCI security and compliance, reduce audit scope and costs, and secure credit card data end-to-end.

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