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Today you need secure and seamless access across mobile, cloud, and legacy platforms. Access Manager provides single sign-on and access control for all of your resources.

Access Manager

Access control and single sign-on for everything

Over time, digital infrastructures grow into a mix of old and new technologies, resulting in a set of applications and services that create a complex user experience. Access Manager provides a simple, single sign-on and access control experience for all your users, whether they are internal, contractors, mobile, or remote.

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Elevate digital interaction with your partners

Because partner collaboration and interaction are mostly digital, simple and secure access is fundamental for success. Access Manager enables you to trust or consume your partner's identity provider. You can deliver secure access for partnered personnel on mobile devices, enabling native apps or extending your existing web-based applications to them.

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Engage your consumers effectively and securely

Behind virtually every slick B2C service is a complex amalgamation of resources and processes brought together to form a seamless and secure user experience. Whether your consumers are mobile, online, or both, Access Manager offers full support for the latest federation use cases, as well as a rich toolbox needed to fulfill the most obscure requirements.

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Move to zero trust security to secure access

Upgrade your environment with continuous authentication that confirms the user’s identity whenever he or she accesses protected resources, adapting the verification process based on the risk at hand. Because we know that zero trust security has the potential to get in the way of business, our rich set of single sign-on capabilities enables you to deliver the best user experience.

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