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Net IQ

NetIQ Risk Service

Adapt your user's authentication and access experience to the risk at hand.

Protect against security threats more effectively

Increasingly, identity imposters are using more sophisticated tactics to defeat your digital defenses. NetIQ Risk Service protects against high-risk authentication and application access requests by initiating strong or multi-factor authentication when risk scores indicate that a higher level of identity verification is needed.

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Elevate to context-aware security

NetIQ Risk Service enables organizations to evolve from static authentication and access to an adaptive environment. To be effective, Risk Service can consume contextual-related metrics from a variety of sources. In addition to its integration points, administrators can get started with Risk Service using out-of-the-box metrics that they can configure themselves.

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Access control with advanced intelligence

The best way to identify and protect against imposter-based attacks is to leverage the unique behavior of legitimate users. NetIQ Risk Service offers security models that can be applied to the Interset Intelligence analytics engine. Because it is cloud-based, the analytics engine is easy to implement, maintenance free, and above all, effective.

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Increase usability while achieving zero trust security

As they move to a zero trust model, IT organizations are discovering that risk-based authentication is essential to maintaining user productivity and customer satisfaction. Leveraging its tight integration with NetIQ Advanced Authentication, NetIQ Risk Service offers organizations the wide range of authentication types and methods needed to deliver the best user experience.

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