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Trusted Electronic Healthcare

Enabling trusted digital patient care

Healthcare industry growth is based on the ability to securely automate, digitally engage, and provide patients with new levels of AI-led services. Providers that can “go where patients are” generate new revenue models and drive better patient adoption and loyalty.

Patient care

Securing the healthcare value chain requires providers to know where data exists, how it is being used, and who has access. Health records standards such as HL7 and other proprietary methods pose unique challenges for typical cyber operations.

The CyberRes Data Platform provides one of the most sophisticated, flexible, and scalable data platforms. It allows for the ingest, analysis, and processing of proprietary healthcare messaging formats including HL7, monitors for persistent record changes, applies enrichment along patient rights, provides rich intelligence context, and has enrichments that can be used by machine learning risk models.

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Patient trust

The key to patient trust is ensuring the security of electronic health records (EHR) and personal health information (PHI) through the entirety of a medical interaction with a healthcare provider. This includes ensuring the trust and integrity of next-generation healthcare delivery methods such as robotics, patient care analytics, and telemedicine.

CyberRes Trusted Electronic Healthcare provides an integrated fabric to secure data and tokenize records, enabling clinicians to access just the fields that are required for their role and to trace the use of that data in a secure manner. With CyberRes, providers gain a rich set of healthcare-specific capabilities to secure the patient experience lifecycle, including privacy models, machine learning, data protection, classification, and data access withdrawal.

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Healthcare risk management

Custodial and healthcare records are increasingly being targeted by advanced adversaries. Patient-record surfing, access to medical history, and even vaccination schedules are appealing targets. These adversaries aren’t bound by single healthcare channels; they have been known to cross over from admin, IT, and clinical networks. A healthcare CISO needs to ensure that solutions are robust enough to connect the dots across a complex threat surface.

CyberRes Trusted Healthcare provides an integrated ability to “stitch” together threats, detect patterns and anomalies, and use powerful step-up authentication methods for access that cross over healthcare channels. For example, accessing the hospital network by crossing over from the public wireless zone and into other protected parts of the infrastructure.

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