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Human and Machine Partnership

Augmented detect and response

Augmented, intelligence-supported threat hunters represent the next evolution of cybersecurity. While machines can sift through huge volumes of data to answer key questions, they cannot replace humans, especially when dealing with cyberattacks. Humans are infinitely better at knowing which questions to ask.

Augmented security operations protect your data

The amount of data that requires protection is immense, and growing by the day, yet teams are understaffed. Your information and security operations need the help of pragmatic AI applications that minimize wasted time and maximize productivity. A well-designed augmented security ecosystem provides intelligence across all related functions, increasing the collective intelligence, maximizing efficiency, and minimizing risk exposure.

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A unified and holistic risk view for all users and devices

A common holistic understanding of risk is crucial to prioritize your team's precious capacity. An augmented intelligence system provides your team with a common relative score for all identities, human and nonhuman. It brings together the results from different algorithms in a way that is intuitive and actionable, using discipline and rigor in all data science operations.

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Augmented detection and response as a service

Building out and maintaining a big data platform isn't practical for all organizations, especially smaller ones. A SaaS option solves this problem, making this critical capability available to everyone. Without the need to deploy and monitor complex systems, even small organizations can benefit from advanced capabilities—whether it augments their own security operations team or the team of a managed service security provider (MSSP).

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Protect IoT, ICS, and OT networks

Securing mission-critical infrastructure from network threats is a key challenge that traditional solutions can’t address. New security approaches are needed to protect your Industrial Control Systems (ICS), Internet of Things (IoT), and Operational Technology (OT) networks. Our research on ICS, IoT, and OT network cyberattacks found that all sophisticated cyberattacks are indirect. They don’t directly attack ICS, but target IT or third-party vendor networks first. More than 80 percent of the adversary’s efforts were staged in IT networks. Augmented intelligence solutions (which are based on unsupervised machine learning with human-machine partnership) can help detect suspicious behavior—enabling you to stop them before they find the gate to your ICS, IoT, or OS network.

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Augmented intelligence is flexible and adapts to your unique environment

To leverage your existing ecosystem (including your perimeter point solutions), rules engines, and other existing analytics, you need an augmented intelligence solution that incorporates the ability to ingest, integrate, and synthesize all of these inputs. These capabilities ensure that risk-scoring is holistic and inclusive, and that the AI fulfills its promise as a true force multiplier for detection and response.

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    Evaluate your risk exposure

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