Policy Statements

Use these policies to gain clarification about our Worldwide Buying Programs and to find answers to specific questions about the programs.

Policies: All Programs

License Counting Method Standardization for Identity Manager (210)
Provides clarification to the Identity Manager EULA, requiring customers use a consistent counting methodology when determining license needs for Identity Manager and any Identity Manager Modules.

Policies: VLA and MLA

Retired Licenses (112)
Customers must complete and submit the Retired License Rights Form. This form defines the process to retire, or give up the license rights to a specified quantity of licenses. For a copy of this form, please email your request to the Field Services team at FieldServices@novell.com.

Transitioning VLA or CLA Customers to an MLA (113)
Outlines the process when a customer is migrating from a current VLA or CLA to an MLA. An VLA Upgrade Protection/Maintenance to MLA Maintenance Transition Sheet is available for use with this policy statement.

Proof of Licensing (206)
Describes what we will accept as proof of licensing during an audit or self-audit.

Suite Upgrade Policy (208)
Defines rights and limitations of using new versions of product components in a product suite that has Upgrade Protection/Maintenance.

Subscription Licensing (214)
Subscription licenses are provided as an alternative to most existing perpetual license offerings. This policy defines the rules in selecting between perpetual or subscription, and maintenance requirements.

Automatic Renewals, PO Due Date, and Administration Fee (215)
To ensure no unintentional lapses in coverage of Maintenance, software subscriptions, or SUSE Linux subscription services, we have implemented automatic renewals, a defined purchase order due date, and establishment of an administration fee for customers renewing after their purchase order due date.

Policies: ALA, SLA, and VLA for Education

Prorating ALA/SLA License Fees (202)
Our official policy regarding proration on the ALA and SLA.