Interset UEBA

User and Entity Behavioral Analytics

Interset user and entity behavioral analytics (UEBA) empowers SOC teams to find and respond to unknown threats – before it’s too late.

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Behavior-based anomaly detection

Detect difficult-to-find threats, such as insider threats or targeted outside attacks, by learning the unique normal behavior of every user or entity in your enterprise and detecting the most anomalous and suspicious behaviors.

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See potential threats in context

Investigate potential risks quickly via an intuitive user interface (UI) and comprehensive API that shows unusual activities as they relate to previous and peer behaviors.

Respond before damage is done

Execute faster-than-human action with output risk assessments that can be used to initiate actions via automation, orchestration, and alerting solutions.

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Cut through the noise

Distill billions of events into a handful of prioritized threat leads, eliminating alert fatigue and allowing you to focus on the threats that really matter.

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Boost SOC productivity

Create a human-machine team in which security teams can bypass manual processes and spend time investigating real risks thoroughly.

Scale as you grow

Scale to meet the needs of the world’s largest, most sophisticated environments with Interset’s native big data architecture.

Detect unknown threats
Detect unknown threats

Indicators of compromise manifest themselves in different ways, depending on the type of attack. Interset collects and analyzes events from the most ubiquitous data classes, right out of the box, quickly increasing threat visibility. Interset UEBA turns billions of events into a handful of high-quality leads to dramatically increase the SOC team’s efficiency.

Investigate priority threats
Investigate priority threats

Interset UEBA connects the dots of events related to an attack and creates a prioritized list of what needs to be investigated first. Our robust security solution reduces noise and false positives, alleviating alert fatigue. Security analysts know where to start and what to do allowing them to be more efficient. Interset’s precision means greater accuracy in inside(r) threat detection.

Visualize and respond quickly
Visualize and respond quickly

The more context your security team has, the faster they can mitigate a security incident. Interset provides a contextualized view of riskiest behaviors in your enterprise and gives your security teams the right tools to visualize and investigate incidents. Interset provides plain-language behavior descriptions and one-click views into the events that caused the anomaly, enabling quick validation and full context.

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