Performance Center


Community Edition

Performance Center is delivered with a free perpetual community license bundle

Дни работы виртуальных пользователей

Расширение возможностей тестирования посредством добавления новых виртуальных пользователей.

Начальная цена
2,10 долл. США
за одного виртуального пользователя в день
Цены зависят от объема заказа

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to use all the Virtual User Days in a single load test?

    No, you can use Virtual User days in several load tests during the same day (in this case they are counted only once), or spread over several days (in this case the amount used each day is deducted from your Virtual User Days balance).

  • Which protocols can be run with Virtual User Days?

    Virtual User Days are valid for all protocols except DCOM/COM, GUI and Templates.

  • What is the process to install a Virtual User Days license?

    1. Prerequisites

    Make sure the ALM license is set in the ALM Site Administration. For more information about the ALM license, see the HP Application Lifecycle Management Administrator Guide.

    2. Set your license keys

    a.In Lab Management, under Performance Center select PC Licenses. The PC Licenses Module Window opens.(This page enables you to view summaries of your Performance Center and VUD-based licenses, as well as host license information).
    b. Select one of the following options:
        o Add License Key. Adds a single license key.
        o Add License from File. Adds multiple license keys simultaneously.

  • Does the Virtual User Days expire?

    Unused VUDs expire 1 year from the date of purchase.

  • What is included as part of the Performance Center Community license?

    Performance Center is delivered with a free perpetual community license bundle. The bundle includes: 1 Controller allowing 1 concurrent run, 1 PC Lifecycle user, and 50 permanent Vusers. These Vusers are valid for all protocols except for GUI (UFT), COM/DCOM, and template protocols.

  • If I purchase new Virtual User Days will the old ones still be usable?

    Virtual Users are valid for one year, new virtual users will be added to the existing amount

  • If I buy Virtual User Days what happens to the Community license?

    Virtual User Days will be added to the Community license. Virtual User Days will only be used when the requirements of your test exceed the Community license, and you will be notified that using Virtual User Days is required to execute the test.

  • Can I split my Virtual User Days license on multiple Controllers?


  • Can the PC VUDs be shared between projects?

    Yes, PC VUDs can be shared between multiple projects as long as they are not expired. PC VUDs follow the same license behavior than the other PC licenses.

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