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Visual COBOL for Visual Studio Personal Edition

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Your trial will enable you to:

  • Develop COBOL applications using procedural and object-oriented syntax
  • Build COBOL applications for native code and Microsoft .NET
  • Combine COBOL programs with C#, VB.NET, and other modern languages
  • Streamline COBOL development and debugging using new code assist tools such as Intellisense and autocomplete
  • Leverage Visual Studio designer support to create WPF, Winforms, and ASP.NET applications

Visual COBOL Personal Edition (PE) provides you the opportunity to learn the enterprise language behind 70% of today’s business transactions. Develop COBOL applications using popular integrated development environments (IDEs)—Visual Studio and Eclipse.

Designed for the student developer, Visual COBOL PE supports your learning experience with a flexible, annual term-based software license.

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Windows x86/x64 Platforms

  • Windows
  • Windows Server


"Micro Focus Visual COBOL enables us to reuse the same code across the client-server and web versions of our applications, in both .NET and JVM platforms. This offers huge advantages in terms of maintenance and costs and gives us the ability to quickly and easily take our applications into the cloud."

Ivano Rainò   /   Head of Development, Zucchetti