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Community Webinar Series

Community Webinar Series

Our Community webinars show you how Micro Focus products interact with the latest tech and business trends.

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DevOps Live

DevOps Live

DevOps Live webinars highlight various
Micro Focus solutions solving common DevOps issues organizations experience. Sign up for the next webinar or watch previous webinars now.

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22-24 Jan 2019
Orlando, FL
23 Jan 2019
Phoenix, AZ
28 Jan 2019
Zurich/Duebendorf, Switzerland
29 Jan 2019
Atlanta, GA
29-31 Jan 2019
New York, NY
31 Jan 2019
Pittsburgh, PA
5-7 Feb 2019
Sugar Grove, IL
5-7 Feb 2019
Phoenix, AZ
12-14 Feb 2019
Trenton, NJ
12-15 Feb 2019
San Francisco, CA
13 Feb 2019
Stockholm, Sweden
14 Feb 2019
Johannesburg, South Africa
20-22 Feb 2019
Plano, TX
26-28 Feb 2019
Glendale, CA
4-8 Mar 2019
San Francisco, CA
10-15 Mar 2019
Phoenix, AZ
26-28 Mar 2019
Vienna, Austria