Analytics & Big Data

Data security is the top concern for 8 of the 10 top U.S. banks and many of the world’s largest retailers. But the only challenge isn’t just keeping your data safe—you have to understand it, too. Whether your company is large or small, you can encrypt your data across enterprise, cloud, mobile, and Big Data environments. Analyze your data, organize your information, and tokenize your security with our solutions.

Application Development, Testing, and Delivery

Global competition demands innovative apps that meet all customer expectations. Software teams must adapt to the volume and velocity of evolving business requirements. Micro Focus can help you plan, develop, test, release, and monitor apps for continuous delivery of a superior user journey.

Business Continuity

Ensure that essential systems, services, and data are always protected and available while optimizing costs and improving operational efficiency. Are you striking the critical balance?


More than 65% of enterprise software and 70% of business transaction processing is powered by applications written in the COBOL language. Take your business applications into the future with the productivity of modern developer tools and the deployment flexibility and choice of modern platforms including Windows, UNIX, Linux, .NET, the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), and the Cloud.


Collaboration brings people, projects, and processes together in one secure place to enhance team productivity. Employees spend nearly 3 solid hours each day engaged with their email, so it’s essential that they collaborate effectively on any device: laptop, mobile, desktop, tablet, or web browser. This collaboration comes with high mobility and low total cost of ownership.

Information Management and Governance

Data volumes and requirements are exploding, weighing down IT and forcing organizations to rethink point solution strategies. Micro Focus' modular software portfolio helps customers control data; lessen the burden on IT; and mitigate risk of fines, sanctions, and lost market credibility.

IT Operations Management

Continuous change, rapid delivery, and increased user expectations are the new normal. Traditional architectures simply can’t keep up. Our innovations make IT faster, smarter, and more responsive by creating IT operations that are analytics driven, intrinsically automated, and collaborative.


Mobile has taken over, and your mainframe has to keep up. Modernize your mainframe by building web, mobile, and cloud-based apps with legacy data and logic to expand mobility. Our mainframe change management systems use planning and tracking solutions to create faster Agile projects. As you capture, develop, and manage requirements, our products also give stakeholders greater visibility and collaboration opportunities.


Identity-powered security solutions integrate identity information with security monitoring. This enables you to detect and respond to data breaches and compliance gaps. Security solutions provide visibility and control over user activities and critical systems to quickly address evolving threats.