Improve Time to Market of New Mainframe Applications and Services Using Agile Development Practices and DevOps

My mainframe runs the business, but application delivery is slow, cumbersome, and complex. I must find new ways to improve application development and testing on the mainframe while controlling cost and risk. How can I easily leverage Agile and DevOps practices to improve developer efficiency, continuous integration, and team collaboration across the enterprise?

We help you…

Improve developer efficiency through the use of modern, integrated development tools

Streamlining Mainframe application development couldn't be easier with Micro Focus Enterprise Developer. With this unique technology, you can easily edit, compile, debug, and test COBOL, PL/I, CICS, IMS, and DB2 applications using one set of integrated tools (IDE) within Eclipse. Maintain your enterprise applications both on and off the mainframe. Use the power of the Eclipse framework to easily integrate with SCM, web services, Java, and other technologies. Rely on one set of efficient, integrated tools designed for mainframe DevOps.

Automate mainframe development and test provisioning through better continuous integration

Improve code confidence while eliminating development bottlenecks and test resource gaps using Micro Focus Enterprise Developer and Enterprise Test Server. Enable end-to-end testing for composite mainframe applications by expanding test capability and access across QA teams—shift testing left. Gain faster feedback through continuous integration achieved through one set of unified tools designed for efficient mainframe application delivery. Deploy and scale needed dev/test resources on demand and across local, virtual, and cloud environments—simply, easily, and cost-effectively.

Improve team collaboration by bringing cross-functional dev and test teams together

Break down department silos and improve collaboration between cross-functional dev teams using a single, industry-standard toolset within Eclipse. Unite and empower dev teams to work better together to optimize the delivery process while improving quality. Build future talent by providing an easy on-ramp for next-gen developers to work with the mainframe using familiar tools.

Manage faster change and more frequent deliveries

Using Enterprise Developer and Enterprise Test Server, easily increase developer productivity through better task automation and integration. Quickly enable parallel development across features, releases, or teams without sacrificing quality. Increase the number of code deliveries without adding complexity or cost. Micro Focus Enterprise solutions enable flexible and frequent releases to accommodate rapid application change. Achieve better visibility and coordination through smarter change-management solutions.