Consolidate IT Tools into a Master View

We have a fragmented and overlapping set of tools, and gaining visibility across management silos is a challenge. How can I better integrate all of my IT operations management tools so my operations teams can work more efficiently?

We help you…

Turn management data from multiple vendors into meaningful knowledge

Each team in your IT operations group has its favorite tools, but they don't work well together. And integrating them is nearly impossible. If you can't see across all of them at once, problem solving descends into finger pointing. We can help you consolidate, reconcile, and correlate all your freestanding information silos into a live, end-to-end, single-pane-of-glass IT services management view. No matter how complex, distributed, or heterogeneous the underlying infrastructure is, you can see it all clearly.

Troubleshoot faster through high-level dashboards that let you drill down

When you are trying to troubleshoot an IT services problem, superficial tool integration isn't good enough. You need to rapidly drill down and isolate the problem. We offer rule-based, automated prioritization and weighting. We help you integrate technical health and performance metrics with your business goals and priorities. As a result, your IT staff can accurately and efficiently respond to problems based on their importance.

Discover when a service level agreement (SLA) is at risk

Reports at the end of the month don't allow you to correct service-level violations that may be happening right now. We provide a real-time service level achievement dashboard. This helps you discover issues while there is still time to correct them and avoid costly SLA penalties or embarrassment.