Understand How IT Events Impact Business

Our success as a business depends on several different IT services. I need to know which ones are having problems that could affect my business so I can prioritize our response. How can I get better visibility into IT service performance?

We help you…

Visualize IT services delivered to the business

Your IT leadership needs to see IT service performance clearly. We provide business service management (BSM) that helps you answer the critical questions:

  • Are we open for business?
  • How are we performing?
  • What is our current risk level?

Integrate and transform technical and business data

Traditional manager-of-manager tools only integrate IT tools. We take a more comprehensive approach. We provide IT service monitoring by integrating IT tools with business platforms such as CRM, ERP, Micro Focus Service Desk, and financial systems. This gives you a true perspective of service performance and enables you to manage IT services more effectively.

Show IT service performance achievement to multiple stakeholders

Without objective metrics, business managers are often critical of IT service performance. We provide business-value dashboards tailored to many different kinds of stakeholders to help them understand service level achievement in a way that makes sense to them.