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Agile practices enable application development teams to accelerate the delivery of new business value through the rapid release of new software. But the adoption of Agile can also expose challenges for many enterprise organizations. They include:

  • A disconnected communications process between dev teams
  • How dev teams interpret business needs
  • A lack of visibility into the end to end development process
  • An insufficient understanding of the decision-making process, and how, culturally, business and development teams should work together
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Align objectives with process

To solve these challenges, organizations must align business objectives with software development processes to ensure that all stakeholders can collaborate effectively, properly capture business needs, manage change, and track end-to-end progress. Agile success begins with team alignment. This principle is essential if organizations are to respond quickly to new priorities, and improve business and development agility at enterprise scale.

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It's a simple truth that you can't get to where you want to go until you know where you are. Take the next step by mapping your software delivery processes to your business goals. Document, prioritize and optimize your deployment pipeline with the help of Micro Focus experts. Build a DevOps roadmap to faster, high quality software and an enterprise ready for digital business.

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