Deliver multi-platform file, print, and network services for less

I need to enjoy lower TCO while still easily delivering file, print, and network services to multiple end-user platforms on multiple devices. How can I economically deliver business-critical file, print, and network services to my end-users? Answer: Leverage a proven network OS that’s just as effective, but less expensive than Windows.

We help you…

Securely share files within your enterprise without using the Cloud

Provide secure on-premise file sharing solutions without the Cloud. Control file sharing through user-based policies for more security. Even after you’ve shared files, users can comment on files, give suggestions, and search through documents for more organization.

Quickly deliver file and storage services to Macs or Windows machines

Whether you prefer Windows or Mac, Micro Focus has file solutions for you. Leverage your existing file servers so that you can take advantage of the firewalls and disaster recovery systems you’ve already set up for file storage. For storage services on Macs, you can use Mac Kanaka, which is free to OES 2015 customers on maintenance.

Leverage your existing hardware and software investments to lower costs

Use your existing infrastructure to save money. There’s no need rip and replace because Micro Focus Open Enterprise Server (OES) integrates with what you already have. OES is cheaper than a Windows migration while still handling today’s critical file, print, and network services. You can even utilize the mobile devices and printers that you already have because Micro Focus iPrint is AirPrint certified.

Print from any device or location—without having to call IT

Easily locate and install printers wherever you are. With self-service printing, you can print to any printer from any device, including mobile devices. It’s so simple that users won’t need any help with IT, which reduces help desk calls and increases productivity. This saves even more money when you utilize your legacy printers.