Economically manage expanding data and storage needs in my enterprise

Storage just keeps on growing and my users need reliable access to larger and larger files. However, I need to control storage costs and utilize larger storage volumes more effectively. How can I economically maximize, manage, and scale my data and storage to meet today’s demands?

We help you…

Handle larger storage pools and volumes needed for today’s data needs

Get an 8-exabyte storage pool/volume limit to accommodate all your storage needs. With high-performance computing and I/O capabilities, you are prepared for peak workloads and can store all your necessary data. Automatically load balance data among servers and other storage devices, remove non-work files such as personal music files, and migrate data from one server to another.

Deliver non-stop access to affordable, highly scalable storage clusters

Make your storage clusters more efficient by automating routine storage tasks. To make products even more affordable, you can get 4 storage clusters with OES 2015 on maintenance.

Know why your data is growing

Understand your data and anticipate your needs by creating reports. Create policies that automatically move, delete, and distribute data to stay organized. Generate data reports that detail:

  • Types of files being stored according to file extension type
  • What files a user is storing
  • Duplicate files on the network
  • When files were last accessed
  • Storage costs
  • Disk quota usage

You can also get flexibility for storage no matter what your data growth is.

Automate storage management tasks

Save time, money, and effort by automating storage management tasks. Automatically provision user and group storage and access based on identity and role. Admins can automate the process of archiving or deleting user storage when a user leaves the organization to ensure efficient use of storage space.