Find Out What Data Is Being Stored on My Network and Who Has Access to It

I need to identify the data being stored on my corporate networks so that I can determine what information to keep and what information to archive or delete.

We help you…

Pinpoint the exact information you need by giving you flexible reporting options

Whether you use any of the 20 built-in report types or build a custom query report using SQL database queries, File Reporter provides you the flexibility to find, report, and present the file system data and security information you want.

Built-in reports include a variety of directory data, file data, detailed file data, permissions, and historic comparison reports, as well as a volume free space trending report.

You indicate what is reported in these built-in reports by first browsing through the file path or identity system and specifying the level where you want to start reporting data. With some report types, you can use Boolean search criteria to extract the exact content you want.

Custom query reports let you create reports that include the exact information you want via a series of SQL commands that set the conditions for what is reported and what is not.

You can generate reports in the following formats: PDF, Microsoft Excel, RTF, HTML, TXT, and CSV.