Agility for Development

My software development organization encompasses geographically distributed teams working on web, mainframe and mobile applications. 
I need to manage the increasing complexity and cost of Software Delivery while continuously improving my development delivery processes.

We help you…

Version everything

Beyond source code, you have images, audio, binary files, modules, manifests, cookbooks, infrastructure definitions, and more. When versioning everything, you should not sacrifice immutable commit history for developer flexibility, nor place too high a degree of trust among developers to ensure your security and compliance risks are addressed at source.

Maintain a backlog

Managing a well prioritized and ordered backlog will make your release and iteration planning easier.

Shift left and continuously inspect

Easily combine your preferred code-centric tools into an automated continuous inspection toolchain providing rapid peer review feedback to your developers and aggregated KPI metrics to efficiently view the quality and release readiness of development deliverables.

Automate everything

Everything often refers to error-prone manual efforts around testing and deployment, including the provisioning, cloning, and sharing of environments. Automating your deployment tasks frees up countless hours for higher value tasks such as additional testing and improved security.

Dashboard insight

Maintain visibility into your development and delivery process at all times, enabling you to understand the status of development iterations, peer code reviews, continuous inspection, and deployment pipelines.