Application Release Automation

My Software Delivery is slow, complex, and difficult to track. How can I accelerate my release cadence while reducing risk? I need increased visibility into the release process and want to ensure the correct approvals occur. I need to automate application deployments and release software in a fast, repeatable, and reliable way. How can I improve the quality and delivery of software that spans so many different platforms and technologies?

We help you…

Plan, schedule, and coordinate your application releases

Plan, track, and control application releases with end-to-end visibility, providing you and your stakeholders with actionable insight and faster feedback across your entire release lifecycle. Coordinate enterprise-scale application releases across geographically distributed organizations, release teams, and multiple target environments.

Automate application deployments across your entire enterprise

Eliminate manual deployments and replace homegrown scripts with a drag-and-drop, graphical process editor that can create and visualize the end-to-end deployment process. Process templates allow you to save and reuse components, processes, and properties, making the setup of new deployment processes quick and easy. Automate the deployment of your applications and supporting infrastructure with no programming required.

Seamlessly integrate to your existing infrastructure

A flexible, robust, and extensible plug-in architecture supports Continuous Delivery and seamlessly integrates into your existing infrastructure. Use your current enterprise tools, and gain a “single version of the truth” across all of your technologies.

Enterprise architecture and scale

Our solutions are proven to scale from a single laptop to the largest enterprises in the world. N-tier architecture allows both vertical and horizontal scalability. Enterprise grade security aligns with your enterprise security policies. Automated audit capture and rich reporting minimizes the cost of oversight, streamlines compliance, and ensures real-time visibility across your entire application portfolio.