Business Agility

Agile development has been a phenomenal success when it comes to execution: Development organizations can evaluate and embrace change faster, delivering business value more often. But the adoption of Agile practices has developed or exposed some challenges: a struggle in how development communicates and interprets business needs, a lack of insight into the development process, no evidence for why key decisions were initially made, and a disconnect between business and development teams.

Aligning business objectives more closely with the software development process, ensuring all stakeholders involved in the project collaborate effectively to capture business needs, managing change, and tracking progress are essential if organizations are to react quickly to shifts in business priorities and improve business agility.

We help you…

Easily capture and manage the changes on your users’ business expectations

Business stakeholders can easily capture, organize, and manage the change of their business needs and priorities, enabling them to easily share and track how their agile teams prioritize, plan, and execute their business needs using their favorite tool.

Efficiently share ideas and concepts with stakeholders across the organization

Easily represent ideas and concepts with pictures, emails with attached images, documents, reports, or any other type of format—even a quick scribbled idea. And every idea you capture is easy to organize and find within digital whiteboards.

Track the delivery progress of your business needs anytime, anywhere

Automatically capture and present Agile delivery and testing data within the context of each business need so business stakeholders can always have an up-to-date view on what, how, and when the development teams are going to deliver based on their original requests.

Facilitate discussions between business, development, and other teams

Soliciting, organizing, and tracking feedback from business and engineering teams can be challenging. And complexity grows as new ideas are introduced and discussed. Keep track of discussion threads by topic and identify if suggested changes were accepted and committed.

Quickly understand impact of changes required by shifts in business priorities

Consolidate your Agile delivery and testing data within the context of your business plans. You’ll always have a consistent picture of what, when, and how things are being worked on, making it easier for business stakeholders to evaluate any potential issues with their desired changes.