Contain Software Testing Costs and Increase Speed of Testing

We need to reduce the complexity of functional testing to reduce operational costs. Trying to increase efficiency and productivity when new browsers, platforms, and application versions are continually added to the support matrix is increasingly difficult.

We help you…

Work smarter with script portability and reuse

Our software test automation solution leverages test script portability and reuse across multiple browsers and application versions to reduce project time and cost. Our test management solution assists in organizing and analyzing test runs and results to minimize complexity and costs.

Standardize your software testing processes

Standardize validation efforts by testing web apps, mobile apps, and rich-client apps using the same toolset. Apply common quality goals and processes using one central test management solution so you can focus on the delivery of high-quality software.

Reduce risk of application deployments with robust quality tools and reports

Gain confidence before your go-live date. Use risk-based procedures to ensure testing of your most vital capabilities. Apply testing to a wide variety of configurations and reduce business risk that results from unfulfilled SLAs due to poor application reliability.

Enhance the efficiency of open source testing tools

Manage, execute, and provide business metrics to Selenium or Appium test environments, or simply run tests written with any popular open-source framework. Boost productivity by using our test management environment for scheduling, execution, and result versioning.

Integrate with existing test, issue, development, version control, and requirements

Our test management solution is an open platform that supports your existing tools and processes without disruption. This includes automation tools, continuous integration, defect management, requirements management, source control, SAP Solution Manager, and custom integrations through the Open API.

Facilitate business and technical stakeholder collaboration

Legacy silos must be torn down to improve agility. Effective collaboration between business teams, domain experts, testers, and developers is crucial to continuous delivery. Using keyword-driving testing, Silk provides the right interface to match the stakeholder’s skill set so everyone can contribute to effective testing.

Leverage the cloud to cost-effectively test at scale

Harness the power of the cloud for global peak load tests or functional tests across various configurations for web, mobile, and enterprise applications. Avoid costly investments in testing infrastructure and related setup.

Integrate quality automation in your DevOps environment

Eliminate tension between delivering fast and delivering with quality through efficient test creation and execution. Maintain a positive user experience by continually monitoring application performance and functionality. Use Silk to execute tests to run from any continuous integration environment to ensure speed and quality without compromise.