Continuous Delivery

My release cycle time requirements continue to shrink, yet the number of release requests is increasing. Increased demand from the business means that software delivery and test teams must reduce the delivery cycle, i.e. the time it takes from deciding to make a change to having it available to users while maintaining a level of quality that brings value to end users.

We help you…

Orchestrate and visualize the Continuous Delivery process

Plan, track, and control application releases with end-to-end visibility to provide you and your stakeholders actionable insight and faster feedback across your entire release lifecycle. Coordinate enterprise-scale application releases across mainframe and distributed organizations, release teams, and environments.

Create, manage and automate the deployment pipeline

Reduce cycle times, improve quality, and free up people from performing repetitive, monotonous work by automating your build, test, and deployment processes. Deploy the same way to every environment and have confidence that your software is ready to release.

Ensure a consistent user experience, anytime, anywhere, and on any device

Reduce business risk due to poor application performance and quickly identify scale and reliability problems. Cut development costs, shorten project cycle time, and ensure customer satisfaction by finding problems early in the release cycle.

Seamlessly integrate into to your infrastructure

Flexible, robust, and extensible plug-in architecture supports Continuous Delivery by seamlessly integrating into your infrastructure. Integrate effortlessly with your enterprise tools providing a ‘single version of the truth,’ with secure data quality and integrity, full insight, and visibility for all stakeholders.