Ensure a Consistent User Experience, Anytime, Anywhere, and on Any Device

My QA teams need to validate that our web, mobile, native, and enterprise applications have consistent functionality and performance, no matter where the end user is located. We need to ensure a positive user experience across a wide range of configurations at any scale.

We help you…

Battle-ready your applications by testing with realistic user scenarios

Reduce business risk due to poor application performance and quickly identify scale and reliability problems. Cut development costs, shorten project cycle time, and ensure customer satisfaction by finding problems early in the release cycle.

Efficiently create realistic load and performance tests for web and business applications

Step-by-step workflow wizards guide you through load-test creation and execution. If an application fails to perform, quickly detect, isolate, and resolve the root cause of performance problems with integrated diagnostics and trending reports.

Understand the true user experience

We help you understand the true user experience by simulating a variety of wired, wireless, and mobile network technologies. Measure the impact of different network conditions like poor antenna signal, high latency on long distance connections, and reduced transfer rates with network emulation.

Ensure a positive user experience on any mobile device

The complexity of mobile devices continually increases, directly impacting application testing. We help customers effectively manage, create, and maintain functional and load tests for their mobile applications to reflect the entire user journey.

Leverage the cloud to cost-effectively test at scale

Harness the power of the cloud for global peak load tests or functional tests across various configurations for web, mobile, and enterprise applications, and avoid costly investments in testing infrastructure and related setup.

Ensure web applications perform as expected on any browser

Use Silk Test for efficient web application testing. Create test scripts once and execute them against any supported web or mobile browsers without the need to invest time in understanding browser specifics.

Manage test configuration complexity across multiple devices, platforms, and software versions

Maintaining application quality is increasingly challenging as test teams must ensure functionality and stability across hundreds of different configurations. Our testing solution facilitates broad test coverage and increased efficiency of test efforts to achieve quality goals.

Ensure successful rollouts of enterprise applications to your global workforce

Simulate realistic loads of various user scenarios across a broad range of enterprise application environments. Quickly detect, isolate, and resolve the root causes of performance problems in SAP, Oracle, Citrix, Remedy, IBM Mainframe and others.