Have Confidence That My Software Is Ready to Release

Distributed test teams and different versions and variants add to the complexity of tracking our test assets. Which tests are current and who has them? How do we know our application is ready for release? What is the overall quality situation?

We help you…

Centralize management of all application test types

Create a centralized environment to integrate, manage, and schedule tests of all types, including manual, unit, automated functional, mobile, and performance tests. Analyze results according to the business impact they have on making critical go/no-go decisions.

Keep business requirements and test activities in sync

Ensure quality goals are met and test team activities accurately reflect customer needs. Our test management solution provides multiple integration options to centrally link requirements or user stories for both waterfall and agile tests. Maximize efficiency through enhanced communication with business stakeholders.

Plan, run, and view test results from a single interface

Increase productivity by designing and launching parallel automated test runs across your full range of configurations. Leverage our cloud infrastructure to facilitate resource-efficient test executions. Plan manual testing cycles while balancing available time and resources with business impact and risk.

Log defects and link to appropriate tests

Our integration with issue management tools means you can create a defect that links directly to the failed test. Dev teams have insight into failure scenarios, and test teams have visibility into when defects are resolved and when testing can resume.

Integrate with existing test, issue, development, version control, and requirements tools

Our test management solution is an open platform that supports your existing tools and processes without disruption. This includes automation tools, continuous integration, defect management, requirements management, source control, SAP Solution Manager, and custom integrations through the Open API.

Centrally manage all aspects of manual test activities

Manage all aspects of manual tests with one central solution. Define manual test scenarios and plan execution in accordance with both business criticality and available resources. Guide and assist manual testers with testing tasks, including documenting failures and raising issues.

Battle-ready your applications by testing with realistic user scenarios

Reduce business risk due to poor application performance, and quickly identify scale and reliability problems. Cut development costs, shorten project cycle times, and ensure customer satisfaction by finding problems early in the release cycle.

Reduce costs by detecting and testing for regression scenarios

Continuous delivery increases the need for fast and efficient application testing even as complexities continue to drive up costs. Reduce testing expenses with a single solution that covers all your testing needs, and accelerate the test process by increasing the use of automated testing.

Release confidently with a well-defined approval process

Enforce a well-defined approval process across all actors within the software delivery process, including development, operations, executive management, and launch activity teams. Release with confidence knowing that everyone involved is aware of and prepared for the delivery of new services of offerings.