Maintain Visibility and Control Across the Software Development Process

Our software development organization encompasses geographically distributed teams and disparate management tools. I need to manage the cost and complexity of large-scale projects and ensure my development teams work cohesively throughout the continuous lifecycle process.

We help you…

Accelerate delivery of complex software development environments

We help development teams efficiently manage complex and multiple code configurations. To accelerate the development process and reduce costs associated with merging, changes are managed through a promotion model using built-in inheritance.

Maintain visibility and control across software development processes

Maintain and track changes to source code, defects, and features in order to control distributed and collaborative development. Define the workflow process that best meets your needs for visibility and traceability across all software assets.

Effectively manage the Agile delivery lifecycle

Increase control of Agile workflows with traceability across stories, tasks, and source code. What happens to schedules if features are added? Could you increase velocity with additional resources? Sprint status is measured in real time, helping you assess total project health and make critical planning decisions.

Empower dev teams without disruption to management visibility

We help you integrate distributed development efforts on an asset level, regardless of which tools are in use by development teams. This creates a single source for consistent versioning, reporting, baselining, and traceability across all projects and assets to improve your organization’s visibility.

Improve team communication throughout the SDLC

Encourage communication and transparency across all actors within the software delivery process, including development, operations, executive management, and launch activity teams. Enforce the business processes and maintain accountability to ensure that everyone involved has the information needed to efficiently keep the SDLC moving ever forward.

Manage numerous change requests with ease

Track issues, defects, and change requests that occur during the development and delivery process. Following industry standard ITIL processes, you can be assured that nothing slips through the cracks and reactions are quick, coordinated, and well communicated.