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Host. Big Iron. Mainframe. Call them what you will, these trusty machines still house the data that drives your business. The trick is getting that data to the people who need it—whenever, wherever, however they need it. Micro Focus terminal emulators modernize the host-access experience for users and IT alike.

Rethink Possible

Integrate Your Mainframe and IAM Systems?

I need to...

Strengthen security for host assets

The world has changed around my critical host assets. Now I need to protect them from increasingly sophisticated threats while simultaneously complying with growing security mandates.

Add layers of noninvasive security ›

Streamline desktop management

I need to end the time-consuming, resource-intensive cycle of configuring, deploying, securing, and updating my host-access software across 100s (or 1000s) of desktops and mobile devices.

Manage devices with ease and speed ›

Boost user productivity

The outdated interfaces of my host applications frustrate my users and slow them down. I need a quick, risk-free way to refresh my UI, revitalize user experience, and help my workforce get their jobs done.

Deliver easy and familiar UI ›