Streamline Desktop Management

I need to end the time-consuming, resource-intensive cycle of configuring, deploying, securing, and updating my host-access software across 100s (or 1,000s) of desktops and mobile devices.

We help you…

Simplify and speed up deployment

You can easily customize workspaces and sessions, locking down features and controls as needed before deployment. Then you can use Microsoft Installer (MSI) to deploy our software. MSI versioning support streamlines management of all your custom files.

Take centralized control via Host Access Management and Security Server (MSS)

By joining our emulation forces with MSS, you can seamlessly propagate changes to application settings and user-specific content—right now, from a central server, for immediate use by individuals or groups. And you can do it on your schedule, not someone else’s.

Stay nimble, stay ahead of the game

Our software supports a mix of technologies—from Trusted Locations and UAC to VBA, .NET, and Windows Error Reporting—so you can quickly respond to new and better ways of doing business. As your needs evolve, so will our software.