Get Back to Business Quickly After an Outage

When IT systems go down, the business is impacted and there's tremendous pressure to get things back up and running fast. In today’s always-on world, acceptance of downtime, even for low-priority systems, is at an all-time low.

We help you…

Protect entire workloads, not just data

Spending time rebuilding and reconfiguring replacement servers, and only then to start reloading data back onto them, is a luxury of the past. Our company speeds and simplifies things by protecting entire workloads using warm-standby virtual machines. This means you can restore entire servers in a single action.

Back up to bootable media

Backing up to tape, or even disk images, means an additional step of transferring that tape or image to a working server. That extra step takes time—a lot of time if it’s a large server. And that’s critical time you don’t have when you are dealing with the pressure of network recovery. Backing up to bootable media means the backup can be booted on the spot with no extra copy step required.

Lower RTO

We back up your business-critical server workloads to bootable virtual machines, which gives you extremely rapid failover and recovery in the event of a production outage. Our advanced network recovery software can automatically transfer network and user connections, reducing Recovery Time Objectives to mere minutes.